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BigDs Pocket PC Video Guides

Windows Media Encoding

Below is a Guide to windows media encoding using WME9, These settings are for PPC2002. Upgrade to WM2003 to get lot better video, as for as windows media video goes anyway. But for those people that still have PPC2002, These setting are for the Portrait and not the landscape( full screen). Just follow the Picture Guide below and Open WME9 choose convert file,next, choose Pocket PC , choose next, On encoding options Video should be set to Pocket pc standard video (CBR) and the Audio should be set on Voice quality audio(CBR). Choose next, enter a title if you like or just choose finish. Encoding will now start, WME will run a couple passes then when done choose close and your video should be in your Video folder or you can choose open output file to view your video. Like I said before PPC2002 does not do a very good job of playing video, so it might be a little jumpy. That's why I prefer Divx.  WM2003 has improved alot when it comes to Video...ALL NEW GUIDE, Click the button below if you wish to make bitrate adjustments for your video for PPC2002 or if you are Encoding for WM 2003.    


Open WME9/ Choose Convert File
Browse for the file to convert /choose next

Choose next / Choose Pocket PC profile

Make sure it looks like this in encoding options

On Encoding options choose Standard Video cbr
and voice quality for audio click finish/ Encoding Starts

When Finished click close or play file
If your video turns out jumpy WM 2003 will fix this